Member Spotlight


Jill Sirota, IIDA  

Associate, Stantec Architecture

What is your current job title and what types of projects do you work on?

I am currently an Associate and Senior Interior Designer at Stantec where I mainly focus on projects in the Education and Commercial Sectors.

Where did you go to school and what degree did you receive?

I originally attended Glassboro State College and achieved a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science. Following graduation, I decided to pursue my passion for design at Moore College of Art and Design, where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA) in Interior Design.

What is your favorite moment of your career so far?

My favorite moment was when I convinced a client to paint an entire drywall ceiling within the student “hub” bright orange. The client had requested converting the area that connects two parallel corridors into a dramatic open space for the students and staff to congregate. I wanted to create a go-to destination by incorporating changes in the ceiling plane and a bold use of color. Colleagues in the studio were convinced that this would never fly. Weren’t they all surprised when I came back and told them the client had approved the ceiling design.

The client absolutely loved it and the ceiling remains orange today, four years later.

Why are you a member of IIDA?

Being a member of IIDA demonstrates to clients and colleagues my commitment to the interior design profession. Through IIDA I have developed both professional relationships and many lasting friendships.  Additionally, my membership has helped me elevate my knowledge of current trends and products by attending CEU courses and seminars.

What do you enjoy most about being an Interior Designer?

I find the comradery and collaboration of working with a multidisciplinary team the most rewarding in turning client’s visions into reality and creating designs that have a positive impact on people’s lives. Projects start as tiny ideas, and it is my job to create the ultimate experience for any project that I touch.

What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday?

I’m known around the office for my affinity for fashion and bringing a sense of style to the workplace. I find clothes to be an extension of my personality and sometimes my design aesthetic, so on the weekends, I take a break from interior design to hunt for new outfits and the best bargains.

Tell us about your favorite vacation you’ve taken.

This is actually the most difficult question for me to answer.  I really enjoy traveling and have been fortunate to visit many exciting places throughout the world, each one creating unique memories.

One of my most adventurous vacations was touring through Peru. Being dropped off in the middle of nowhere and hiking the Inca trail to the apex where I could glance down from the Sun Gate (Inti Punku) to the breathtaking view of Manchu Picchu was a magnificent experience. I was in awe how this city could have been built during the 15th century.