Membership Benefits

Download the IIDA Membership Benefits Guide to take advantage of everything that IIDA has to offer:

Membership Levels

by the numbers - 663 members (dec. 2017)

IIDA membership provides you a support network that connects you to peers, clients, and educators while offering you the opportunity to advance your career through continuing education, industry recognition, and relevant research. We work for you to advocate for design excellence, legislation, leadership, accreditation, and community outreach to increase the value and understanding of Interior Design as a profession that enhances business value and positively impacts the health and well-being of people’s lives every day.

Whether you are a design professional, educator, or student, IIDA has a membership level to fit your experience.

Professional Interior Designer

  • Professionals are actively engaged in the profession and are NCIDQ certified OR are actively engaged in the profession and meet additional requirements.

Professional Architect

  • Professionals are actively engaged in the profession and have completed the ARE exam OR are actively engaged in the profession and meet additional requirements.


  • Associates are designers who are actively engaged in the profession and meet the educational requirement of completing two to four years of coursework in an interior design or architecture program. 


  • IIDA Student Membership provides students enrolled in an interior design program the resources they need for educational and professional development, that are not available on campus.


  • If you are a full-time instructor, department chair, or adjunct professor in a post-secondary program of interior design at any university or accredited school of interior design, we invite you to join IIDA as an Educator Professional or Educator Associate member at reduced membership rates.


  • If you an active Interior Designer located outside of an area covered by an IIDA chapter, you can apply as an International Member. International Members can join at the Professional, Associate, or Affiliate level. 


  • If you work for a manufacturer or dealer/distributor of interior design products, IIDA Industry Membership is right for you! 


  • If you are actively engaged in a field other than interior design such as landscape architecture, lighting design, or architectural photography, you can join IIDA as an Affiliate member.



IIDA Members in good standing are encouraged to use the IIDA appellation after your name. Using your IIDA designation shows your clients, employers, and peers that you are deeply committed to your profession. It also demonstrates to prospective employers and clients that you have the qualifications that give you an edge.


  • Capitalize IIDA; do not separate with periods or other punctuation
  • List IIDA first when you include multiple appellations; alphabetize other appellations (ex: John Smith, IIDA, AIA)